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Decorative Nickel and Chrome Plating

Decorative chrome plating is often called nickel-chrome plating. It consists of multiple layers of nickel followed by a thin layer of chrome. The chrome is abrasion resistant, and slightly bluish in color. Without the thin chrome layer, the nickel will tarnish and discolor over time.

At Valley Plating in Los Angeles and at our Commerce California plating facility we use duplex nickel (semi bright and bright nickel) and offer two types of chrome plating.  Both our hexavalent chrome plating and our trivalent chrome plating will result in a durable and attractive decorative chrome plated finish.

Our decorative chrome plating is applied on many goods, from appliances to cars, motorcycles to home hardware, or even industrial equipment.

Nickel and Chrome Plating

  • Automated high speed production plating line
  • Duplex Nickel
  • Bright Nickel
  • Trivalent Chrome
  • Hexavalent Chrome
  • Barrel Nickel
  • Duplex Auto Chrome (DUP)
    • 89″ Max depth
    • 36″ Side to side
    • 32″ Front to back
  • Barrel Nickel (BN)
    • 8.5 CU’
  • Nickel-Chrome Plating on Stainless Steel