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Valley Plating is recognized as one of the largest and most complete facilities for polishing and buffing. The extensive 8000 sq. ft. polishing facilities and processes offered by Valley Plating afford complete flexibility in choosing the ideal polishing or buffing method for your job.  We offer 32 polishing stations including 16 variable speed polishing lathes, index rotary buffing, a time saver, an automated tube polisher and miscellaneous purpose built custom polishing lathes.

Valley Plating offers you a completely integrated polishing facility with equipment available to provide grinding, polishing, buffing, and sisal buffing.

Skilled operators, specifically formulate buffing and cutting procedures, careful supervision and efficient equipment mean higher production, consistent quality and lower costs for you.

Our polishing process is designed to give you the best chrome plated finish available.


  • 16 variable speed polishing lathes
  • 32 work stations
  • Automatic tube polishing
  • Index polishing lathes
  • Time Saver
  • Custom polishing lathes